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Biscolinos introduces coconut-based, raw biscotti!

Goodbye Biscotti, Hello Biscolinos!


July 19, 2013 by Shannon

Since I started my Freeletics program a few weeks ago, this site I’ve really been trying to stick to mostly raw foods during the day and consume less baked goods. As I flipped through a magazine last week, my eyes skimmed over what appeared to be an advertisement for biscotti. For those of you who don’t know what biscotti is, it’s basically a twice-baked crunchy biscuit that usually contains some sort of spices, fruit, nuts or chocolate. A really tasty, hard cookie you could say. Dipped in coffee or tea for a few seconds, it’s heaven. For someone who’s trying to cut back on baked goods, it’s torture.

As I looked closer at the advertisement, I realized it was a raw version of biscotti called Biscolinos! I immediately decided to get in contact with the company (Raw Decadence) to see if they would be interested in sending me a sample for review. Lucky for me, they sent me a fantastic little sample package with a multitude of flavors!


Here’s a quick break down of the flavors I tried:

Sesame Lime & Ginger – I was most curious about this little asian inspired treat. You can taste subtle hints of lime and even less of the ginger. Interestingly enough, it left more of a sesame aftertaste.

Cranberry & Cacao Nibs – I really liked the tart little kick paired with just the right amount of cacao. One of my favorites.

Lemon & Coconut – this one had a fresh, tart, zing to it as you’d expect with a light hint of coconut.

Apricot & Cacao Nibs – it reminded me of dried fruit I used to eat as a kid. Very subtle apricot flavor that kicks in later. Interesting mixed with the cacao. Not my favorite but still, pretty tasty.

Coconut & Cacao Nibs – I feel like this one was the strongest of all the flavors. It dried out more quickly too. I couldn’t taste much of the cacao since the coconut seemed to overpower it. Very coco-nutty. I LOVE coconut so I was into it.

They were all very moist, almost chewy when they arrived. After opening the bag and letting it sit (sealed) for a week, they dried out quite a bit and started to get crumbly. They were still really good though.

These are perfect if you’re looking for something light to curb your sweet tooth without feeling a ton of guilt after you eat it. You can purchase them online or check out their ‘Where to Buy’ section on their website for stores near you. A sample pack of 5 different flavors will run you about $20. Well worth it! For those who can’t get enough, they even offer a subscription service.

Thanks to Raw Decadence, I can still satisfy my biscotti cravings without cheating on my nutrition plan. 😉



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