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I don’t know about you, store but I’m SO glad the holidays are over. Don’t get me wrong, this I LOVE the whole “magic of Christmas” thing which is why every year, obesity the day after Thanksgiving, the tree goes up and my online holiday shopping begins. I spend an entire month being super festive so by the time December 26th rolls around, I’m more than ready to get things packed up and back to normal.

I also get anxious to start a new year. I’m big on change. I get bored easily, what can I say? Which is why I LOVE New Year’s resolutions!

This year, I’ve decided to go the health route once again, like so many of us do. I’m not big on fad diets and I can’t hang with cleanses so I’ve decided to make a different kind of change. I’m altering my diet and exercise schedule a bit and adding this AMAZING soy-free line of supplements by Vega, to my daily routine. OK, truth be told, I started these supplements about 5 weeks ago and I feel better than I have ever felt in my entire life! I know this is going to sound like a sales pitch but I promise you, I have no professional affiliation with Vega whatsoever. I’m just thoroughly impressed with what an excellent product they’ve put out. The products speak for themselves and they actually explain the science behind why it works for us skeptics!

So, let me tell you about all this new found Vega goodness. Vega was developed by Brendan Brazier, an incredible vegan triathlete. You can find the whole story of how and why he started it here if you’re interested. For me, I had always felt like my body was lacking something. I took multi-vitamins, had blood tests done, ate certain foods, you name it. Yet, I  still felt sluggish most of the time. I ordered Brendan’s ‘Thrive’ books out of curiosity and after reading them, everything about the way I was feeling started to make sense! I attended one of his seminars not too long after I ordered his book and was blown away at how much this guy knew. So, I tried a few product samples and looked up his website, www.thriveforward.com. I joined the free program and a bunch of really informative, short videos were emailed to me over a period of a couple weeks. Right as my program was ending, Vega announced a new ‘re-vamped’ program beginning in January. I’m really excited to incorporate it into my New Year’s resolution plan. Did I mention the Thrive books come with TONS of tasty recipes? Most of which are soy-free!

Not only are all of the Vega products plant-based and soy-free, they’re gluten-free too! Here’s a little sample breakdown of the Vega products I use and why I love them so much.

Vega One

Vega One (it comes in lots of different flavors): My go-to, every day shake. Pretty filling for someone who LOVES to eat. I feel good knowing I’m getting all the minerals and vitamins I need in one little scoop instead of trying to eat certain foods every day.

Vega Sport: I drink this one on the days I go running or train harder than normal. Just swap it for the Vega One.

Maca: I mix 1 teaspoon in my shake for energy, stamina and increased libido. The hubby has no complaints. 😉

Chlorella: I take 5 small tablets daily for antioxidant support, healthy skin, a stronger immune system and so much more. Plus, they’re bright green and that’s fun.

Antioxidant Omega Oil Blend: I add a tablespoon to my salads for a balanced source of Omega-3 -6 -9 Essential Fatty Acids.

Pre-Energizer: I took this one morning with the intention of going running, but something came up. I was wired for half the day. Not in the “I’ve had waaaay too much coffee” way either. This stuff is intense without that jittery feeling coffee can give you. Great before cardio. Wears off naturally and slowly. I also take it before a long night of partying since I don’t drink. AMAZING stuff. Redbull, who?

Recovery Accelerator: I bought this for my half marathon last month to help speed up recovery time. In just 3 days, I was out running again. I don’t use it too often except for on long runs. I’ve also used it after getting tattooed in hopes that it might help speed up the recovery process. No idea if it worked or not but since it’s all plant based without any harmful chemicals or side effects, I figured why not try it.

Endurance Gel: I’m not gonna lie. It’s not a nice feeling in your mouth. The flavor reminds me of strawberry jelly which is tasty, but having a mouth full of gel when you’re running 13 miles isn’t awesome. BUT, I sucked one down at mile 4 and at mile 8 and didn’t ‘hit a wall’ once. I paced myself and steadily ran the entire race without “crashing”. I finished 15 minutes faster in this year’s race than last. I attribute it to these gel packs for sure.

Performance Protein Bars: I LOVE these! They come in two chocolatey covered heavenly flavors. The SaviSeed is sorta peanut-buttery if you had to compare it to something. The coconut one is what you’d expect. Coco-nutty. I usually eat these as a dessert or for breakfast if I don’t have time to make a shake.

Vibrancy Bars: This is usually my after lunch snack. Great for those sugar cravings that creep up around 2 pm.

Vega has a whole bunch of other products, some I’ve tried, some I haven’t. But the ones mentioned above are my favorites. I really can’t say enough good things about Vega. I encourage those of you with health related resolutions to give these a try for at least 6 weeks. I have a feeling you’ll love it as much as I do.

Whatever resolution you choose this year, I wish you a happy, healthy, safe and tasty 2013!
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