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Almond Milk Available at Peet's Coffee Stores Soon

Almond Milk at Peet’s Coffee!!!


October 18, 2013 by Shannon

The time has finally come! For years I’ve been toting around my thermos of almond milk around with me from coffee shop to coffee shop. Annoying, disorder to say the least.

You can imagine my delight when I woke up this morning and scrolled through my Facebook feed to see this picture taken at Peet’s Coffee in L.A. posted by VegNews magazine.

almond milk

My immediate thought was, viagra 100mg “this is too good to be true!” So, skeptically, I called Peet’s customer service line to confirm. I squealed into the phone “Oh my gosh! Please tell me you guys are going to be offering almond milk in the Bay Area soon!” The incredibly nice customer service rep giggled at my excitement and responded, “As of the first week of November, Peet’s will be offering almond milk in all of it’s retail locations (minus airports)”.


Naturally, I called Starbuck’s right after. I asked if they had any future plans to do something similar to which their response was, “I wish. Not any time soon.”

So there ya have it. While I’d choose a small, local coffee shop over a corporate one any day (Timeless Coffee… HOLLA!), sometimes that’s just not an option. It’s nice to know that I can make a coffee date with a friend or stop by on my way home now without having to pack a thermos beforehand and look like the weirdo bringing my own milk.

Not only is this good news for coffee drinkers, it’s also great news for us vegans in general. It shows progress towards putting one more nail in the dairy industries coffin. The greater the demand for alternative milk grows, the more the demand for dairy-based milk goes down. This means less suffering for the animals and less wear and tear on the environment.



  1. Suzanne White says:

    Awesome to see this! Wish we had a Peet’s in South NJ. I’d be there in a heartbeat! I’ll keep an eye out for one and I think Starbucks should start too!!!

  2. Brenda Speer says:

    Is it unsweetened almond milk I hope?!?!

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